The Painful Story Of Dry Eye Disease

Dry Eye might sound like something most can solve with OTC eye drops, but in reality 20% of the adult population worldwide report real quality of life impairment associated with this modern day epidemic. Dry Eye Disease is no small irritation, for millions of patients it’s a daily agony of light sensitivity, stabbing pain, gritty sand sensation, blurry vision, and in some cases can lead to severe vision impairment.

The Painful Story Of Dry Eye Disease

People in the US use pharmaceutical treatments,
usually with very low compliance or efficacy

The Painful Story Of Dry Eye Disease

Of ophthalmologists desire better treatment options

EpiTech’s technology – The promise of long-lasting, affordable relief

Viveye Ocular Magnetic Neurostimulation System (OMNS) innovative non-invasive therapy is designed to treat the ocular surface and tear film, for long-lasting relief of Dry Eye Disease signs & symptoms.

EpiTech’s proprietary technology is based on neurostimulation by targeted magnetic fields, resulting in the reinforcement of the structural integrity of the ocular surface. The procedure is well-tolerated, non-invasive, and takes just about 10 minutes per eye.

The Viveye OMNS demonstrated safety and effectiveness in clinical studies, providing significant improvement for moderate – severe Dry Eye Disease patients. The Viveye Ocular Magnetic Neurostimulation System is designed for comfortable and ergonomic positioning for the treated subject.

EpiTech is currently enrolling severe dry eye disease patients for our second multicenter clinical study to further validate the safety and effectiveness of the Viveye OMNS.

The company has a solid intellectual property portfolio in the field of ocular neurostimulation and is led by a seasoned team of tech and clinical veterans, with leading KOLs in advisory roles.

the promise

Study Results Show Signs and Symptoms Improvement Over Time.

Previous Clinical Study Results

  • Safety: Statistical analysis show significant improvement of several factors related to dry eye disease while no clinically significant effects on safety parameters have been observed.
  • Corneal staining results for 29 patients show a significant reduction during the course of the study with a statistically significant decrease (improvement) after one week (P=0.002) and a continual clinical meaningful reduction observed on the following visits up to 12 weeks post treatment.
  • Symptoms: Quality of life Dry Eye Disease questionnaires results show statistically significant differences from day one post treatment (P=0.014) until 12 weeks (p<0.001) from baseline.
  • Eye Lubricant Usage: statistically significant reduction in the use of eye lubricants were observed at 4 weeks post treatment with an increasing reduction in the use of eye lubricants over time until 12 weeks.

Case Study: Patient presenting severe dry eye disease symptoms

Results show a marked decline in Superficial Punctate Keratitis (SPK) grading over a 8 week period.
The patient reported a 50% reduction in lubricant usage and decrease in burning sensation due to eye drop administration in the treated eye. The burning sensation continued at untreated eye as well as the SPK grading.

Study Results

Prior Treatment

Study Results 4-weeks

4 Weeks Post Treatment

Study Results 8-weeks

8 Weeks Post Treatment

Efficiently Relieving Dry Eye Symptoms

Efficiently Relieving Dry Eye Symptoms

Long lasting
dry eye relief

Efficiently Relieving Dry Eye Symptoms

& zero-contact

Efficiently Relieving Dry Eye Symptoms

Pain-free procedure

Efficiently Relieving Dry Eye Symptoms


Efficiently Relieving Dry Eye Symptoms

Easy to comply

Efficiently Relieving Dry Eye Symptoms

Proven safety

Expanding Treatment Opportunities

Expanding treatment opportunities

Can be administered regardless
of the cause of Dry Eye Disease, expanding treatable patient populations

expanding treatment opportunities2

In-office treatment performed by technicians

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